• Learning from emerging energy innovations in Asia: Contributing to the discourse on an institutional framework for sustainable development

    This research project aimed at drawing lessons from innovative energy practices in developing Asia and highlighting them for the larger discourse on an institutional framework for sustainable development which will be discussed at the forthcoming Rio+20 summit. The project developed detailed case studies on decentralized energy projects from Bangladesh, Cambodia, India, Lao PDR and Vietnam as well as nationalized efforts for providing clean energy access in China, India, Mongolia and Nepal. As a special case, energy policy evolution in Japan post Fukushima was also studied. These cases were presented and discussed at an international stakeholder consultation.
    The project has underlined the following messages for the IFSD discussions –
    • Distributed strategies are needed not just across technological developments, but also across governance levels that will link what is happening in the market and at the grassroots back to the lab and policy makers in the field of clean energy development.
    • New Catalytic mechanisms are required for improved coordination between stakeholders and governance levels.
    • Achieving sustainable transformations will require support and flexibility in the form of policies and network of institutions.
    • Innovative financing mechanisms would be needs based, risk inclusive and non-grant based.

    Partner Organisation : IGES, ADB Energy for All, Asian Energy Institute

    Status: completed
    Duration: August 2011-March 2012
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