• IPR roadmap for technology transfer in developing countries for mitigating and adapting to climate change

    The project seeks to devise an IPR regime roadmap for developing countries that uses existing TRIPS flexibilities and beyond TRIPs, reconciling the twin goals of incentivising innovation and facilitating technology transfer for mitigating and adapting to climate change.


    • Examining the domestic IPR regimes of a few developing countries, particularly in the Asian region with the dual objective of challenging the notion that developing countries have weak IPRs and evolving a regime, which reconciles the goals of incentivising innovation and facilitating technology transfer with the public good.
    • Examining the modalities of making use of TRIPs flexibilities, particularly Compulsory license. This would include a detailed examination of the few instances where CL has been invoked, both successfully and unsuccessfully, in different sectors and by different countries worldwide.
    • Examining the role of trade agreements other than TRIPs and developments at forum like the WIPO in coercing developing countries in adopting TRIPS-plus obligations.
    • Assessing how (if at all) IPR issues and options for technology transfer vary in the case of adaptation as against mitigation.
    • Exploring flexibilities beyond TRIPs and harmonization of international agendas (e.g., WIPO development agenda) in favour of technology transfer for developing countries.
    • Studying the emerging alternative IP options like patent pooling, open sourcing and green patent commons, which are still in rudimentary stages, but expected to grow in recent times.
    Status: ongoing
    Duration: 2010-2013
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